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Holiday in the sun

We have just returned from a fantastic weeks holiday, somewhere that had blue sea and sky and warm temperatures, can you guess where we went?

As the plane was coming into land we flew over a number of islands and saw our accomodation from the window, my husband even managed to spot a  swallowtail butterfly on the airfield.

Our holiday destination was a short ferry ride from four beautiful car-free islands. The sand on these islands stretched for miles and it was lovely to see so many colourful plants and wildlife that enjoyed these conditions.

One of the main occupations apart from tourism is fishing,  we watched trawlers going out in the evening and bringing back fresh fish in the morning. It especially tasted so good cooked simply by the fishermen's family in a local cafe. It is always interesting to make comparisons, we discovered that just like here the younger generation aren't keen on taking up fishing as an occupation.

Salted white fish is used in a number of local dis…

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