Wednesday, 15 March 2017

Spot the seagull!

Another week has flown by with a lack of many images at the moment! I am currently walking our neighbour's dog with Tavi in the mornings, while she recovers from a nasty fall in the mud. With two dogs who love balls there is no spare time to stop for photos as well! We did manage a trip over to Lyme Regis and enjoyed a walk along the shore, despite the greyness of the sky!

There seemed to be more seagulls around than humans! 

It feels more like spring everyday, the garden is calling and as the Green Fortnight I am involved in draws nearer there doesn't seem much time at the moment to stop and stare.

I do appreciate your visit, normal service will resume soon!
Sarah x

Monday, 6 March 2017

My town

What are the favourite things about where you live? Obviously the highlight for me is living by the sea, but I also love the town of Bridport, even in the winter - let me show you some of my favourite  buildings.

This is Bucky Doo Square and is always a hive of activity on a Saturday morning with live music and it is the place where everyone congregates at times of celebration, such as the famous annual Bridport Hat Festival ....

The oldest building in Bridport is the Chantry dating back to the 1253. It was once used as a Priest's house. The Council have recently put it on the market, it is a shame that it will fall into private hands.

Bridport had a strong dissenting tradition - this led to many different non-conformist chapels being built in the town during the 18th and 19th century. Following a recommendation from Brenda at Brenda I have been reading many of Tracey Chevalier's novels. Even my husband who is not usually interested in historical novels has been enjoying reading them. I was quite surprised when I picked up The Runaway to discover that it started in Bridport and mentions the Quakers Meeting House. Has anyone read it?

Bridport Quakers Meeting House

 The Unitarian Chapel in the Garden has a lovely dove cote outside and inside upstairs the box pews are now used to sell donated second hand books. I always love to rummage through old books, you never know what you may find. Looking the opposite way and facing each other is another magnificent church!

The Methodist chapel is now the popular Arts Centre,

The Electric Palace is another popular entertainment location. It was the second cinema in town and opened in 1926. Today it is used for films and also for live music. The art deco interior is wonderful.

There has been lots of work going on around Bridport during the winter. it makes it difficult to take a picture in some locations!. The pavements are been dug up by the Electricity Board,

There are many winding streets and further places to explore.

There are many independent shops which make shopping a pleasure and a unique experience.

I should point out that it is not usually this empty! We were up early on a Sunday morning while everyone else was probably still in bed!

I would love to hear about your home town too.
Sarah x

Monday, 27 February 2017

Through the garden gate February 2017

Despite a visit from Storm Doris this week, it does feel as if things are moving towards Spring in our garden.

 The arabis is already in flower

The miniature daffodils have joined the other flowers of primroses, hellebores, violets and snowdrops,

 and these colourful primulas in the flower pots.

 I even managed to spend some time in the garden last week tidying up the borders and gave the grass it's first cut! The raised borders don't look very exciting at the moment but I can see some of my Sarah Raven tulips just starting to emerge.

 Last weekend it was my birthday. It was lovely being able to celebrate with our children, among my presents were these lovely tulips and some solar beach hut lights for the garden.

What are the highlights in your garden this month?

 If you want to join in with Through the garden gate each month please let me know in the comments below and I will add your site. Those participating this month are :-

 Thank you for the good wishes for my husband, he is recovering well although he is finding it difficult not to do too much too soon.

Is anyone watching the new series of Broadchurch tonight?
Sarah x

Monday, 13 February 2017

When the North Wind doth blow - will we get snow?

The temperature has dropped this week and with a cold wind blowing and the sight of a few flakes of snow that old Mother Goose nursery rhyme came into my head! 

When the North wind doth blow we shall have snow
 And what will poor robin do then, poor thing?
He'll sit in a barn and keep himself warm,
And hide his head under his wing, poor thing.

It has been a relief  to see frozen fields in the morning and to venture back into the fields. Heavy rain has made the going difficult in places and our dog doesn't stay very white for long! We met a black dog the other day and the owner remarked that has disadvantages too as their dog gets too hot during the summer!

Despite the early sunshine the waves have been larger and look so cold!

 I captured this misty view on one of the many hills that surround the town. Bridport was described in 1792 as a clean well built town, situated in the midst of a number of small mountains, these are more like hills to me!

My husband had his hernia operation this week, I took him in at 8.30 am then took Tavi for a walk, did some food shopping and had just sat down to a coffee back home when the hospital phoned to ask me to pick him up! That is such in contrast to when my husband's dad had it done many years ago and was in hospital 2 weeks! Hubby is recovering well and can't wait to join us on dog walks again, we can't believe that it is over 10 weeks since he could join us in the fields.

Thank you for the lovely comments you left last week. it was good to see that so many of you were interested in visiting small local museums and also were interested about the rope industry.

Wishing you a warmer week!
Sarah x


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